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RE-501 5L Rotary Evaporator $575.00/Unit

A rotary evaporator, also known as a rotovap or rotavapor, is a scientific apparatus that is used to efficiently and gently evaporate solvents from samples.

Working principle:

  The evaporation flask rotates at a constant speed and the water bath is heated at a constant temperature. Under this condition: the material forms a large-area uniform thin film on the inner wall of the evaporation bottle for quick evaporation. The evaporation efficiency can be improved under vacuum conditions (a vacuum device needs to be connected). When the solvent vapor passes through the glass condenser coil, the vapor is cooled to a liquid ( a cooling device need to be connected) and recycled in a collection flask.

  This series of products needs to be equipped with vacuum devices (circulating water type, rotary vane type, diaphragm type and other vacuum pumps), or cooling and circulating devices to form a system devices.


• The parts in contact with the material are all made of high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and PTFE materials, which have stable performance and are not easy to react with the materials.

• The stent is made of cold plate anti-corrosive spray + aluminum alloy material, and the bath is made of 304 stainless steel.
• The sealing system uses PTFE+ fluororubber compound sealing.

• Vacuum pressure gauge shows real-time vacuum by pointer.
• The piston-type feeding valve is sleeved with PTFE extension tube, which can be continuously fed to the evaporation bottle under vacuum status.
• Upright double-layer serpentine coil as integrated condenser.

• Rotating and heating is controlled by power switch, which is a double-joint tilt button (ON-OFF).

• Electronic stepless speed regulation, fine-adjustment by knob, digital display of rotating speed .
• Thermstatic bath with temperature digital display function, K type sensor + stainless steel probe at the bottom of the pot.

• The lifting of bath is controlled by handwheel.

• Rotating and heating double fuses safety protection.

• The collection bottle has a lower discharging port, equipped with cap type PTFE valve.

Technical parameters:




220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz

Total Power


Rotary motor power


Heating power




Rotary flask volume

5LΦ230mm/Φ50 flange port

Collecting flask volume

3L Φ195mm/upper 35#ball mill port, lower 3/4" adapter

Rotary speed


Temperature control range

Room temperature-180℃

Temperature control accuracy


Bath lifting stroke


Condenser dimension

Φ100×530H(mm)  lower 35# ball mill stopper

Condensing area


Material feeding valve

19#standard plug valve, feeding valve (pagoda joint) with 10mm outer diameter

Vacuum nozzle

Pagoda joint with 10mm outer diameter

In and out circulating nozzle of condenser coil

Pagoda joint with 12mm outer diameter

Material discharging valve

Side discharging valve (pagoda joint) with 15mm outer diameter, 200mm from the ground

Bath dimension/weight

Φ280×170H(mm) about 10.4L  7.5KG

Overall dimension(W*D*H)


Net weight


Packing dimension

990×620×470mm wooden package 0.29m3

Packing weight



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