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Medical Refrigerator

Capacity from 50L to 1360L


• Perfect alarm systems: buzzer alarming with light flashing;

• High and low temperature alarm, power failure, door ajar, sensor failure alarm;

• Safety lock;

• Temperature data can trace, check and download;

• Backup battery, can continuously showing the real-time inner temperature when power off;

Key Features and Reliability

• Microcomputer temperature control;

• Temperature accuracy 0.1℃ ;

• Single compressor system, low failure rate ;

• LED Display;

• CFC free, environment friendly;

Humanized Design

• Electric heating glass door design, effectively prevent the condensation;

• Multi-layer shelves design, can adjust the clearance as needed;

• Fixed caster + universal wheel;

• Interior LED light;

• Shelves with lable holders;

• 187~242V wide voltage range design for unstable power supply areas

• 50L~1360L are available

2-8℃ Refrigerator 1

2-8℃ Refrigerator 2

2-8℃ Refrigerator 3

2-8℃ Refrigerator 4

2-8℃ Refrigerator 5

2-8℃ Refrigerator 6

2-8℃ Refrigerator 7

2-8℃ Refrigerator 8

2-8℃ Refrigerator 9

2-8℃ Refrigerator 10

2-8℃ Refrigerator 11

2-8℃ Refrigerator 12


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