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Glass Funnel Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

Multi-branch Manifolds Vacuum Filtration is an essential solvent filtration equipment in labs. It is convenient and efficient for the operator who needs to filtrate several samples at the same time. Each filter holder has individual control valve,only one set vacuum pump can support the single or multi-branch manifolds filter together. The filter is high sensitivity,and simple operation,according to the needs of the operator,choose different material of membrane filter,filtering of different samples,such as suspended solids,bacteria,chlorophyll,etc,suitable for all kinds of filtration of labs. Advanced production equipment,high-quality raw materials and perfect production technology is the guarantee of excellent products.That makes BIOAQUO® manifolds vacuum filtration domestic professional leading brand.


1.Glass Funnel Type is transparent,easy to see the solvents, easy to clean. 

2.Filtrate several samples at the same time.

3. Each filter holder has individual control valve. 

4. Work in labs, Clean room and ultra clean bench.

5.High Borosilicate Glass and 316L sanitary stainless steel,easy to be sterilized in high temperature,making the analysis results stable and reliable. 

6.Aluminum alloy clamp designed rational and tightly,it combines the filter funnel with the filter head,to ensure strict sealing without leakage.


Sanitation Test, Environment Test, Chemistry Analysis, Water Quality Analysis, Food and beverage research, 

Biochemical pharmaceutical Industry,etc.


ModelSpecificationFunnelValveSupport screen &Pore sizeConnectionHolder
1G/1P1-branch300ml GlassSSGlass/PTFE, 20pmGround jointSS316L
1S1-branchSS316LSSSS316L, 100pmIntegral SS316LSS316L
3G/3P3-branch300ml GlassSSGlass/PTFE, 20pmGround jointSS316L
3S3-branchSS316LSSSS316L ,100pmIntegral SS316LSS316L
6S6-branchSS316LSSSS316L ,100pmIntegral SS316LSS316L
6G/6P6-branch300ml GlassSSGlass/PTFE, 20pmGround jointSS316L


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