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GM-0.33A Diaphragm Vacuum Pump $205.00/Unit

Bioaquo series Diaphragm Vacuum Pump has the features of continuous oil free pumping, low noise level, higher efficiency, long lifetime. It is mainly used in medicinal products analysis, industry of fine chemicals, biochemical pharmacy, food examination, the criminal investigation technology, etc. It is used with the precision chromatography instrument, the necessary of laboratory. This product is specially designed for laboratory, reliable and easy to use. These series of products have obtained the national patent.


• The product could work without any medium and does not produce pollution. The gas exchange room is placed with filtering material, to ensure that the air is clean. 

• New material and new technology are adopted in production. It is convenient to move, and work smoothly, thus ensuring the ideal vacuum degree and higher air velocity. 

• Using frictionless membrane body movement, does not produce heat, no friction consumption. Imported rubber diaphragm has long lifetime. 

• Automatic cooling exhaust system is designed in the body, ensures continuous operation 24 hours a day . 

• Adopt imported classic bearing, smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency. 

• Exclusive motor is ODM provided by the professional motor manufacturer and has got the European CE certification. It has the reasonable rotation design, equipped with a power overheat protector, when the pump body temperature reached 130℃, it will automatically power off, to protect the motor from being damaged in the long running work . 

• Small volume and light weight, easy to move, save space, convenient repair and maintenance. 


Vacuum adsorption 

Solvent filtration 

Vacuum distillation 

Vacuum drying 

Compressing and converting gas 

SPE (Solid phase extraction) 


Technical Parameter: 

• Speed of evacuation : 20L/Min 

• Ultimate pressure vacuum : ≥ 0.08 Mpa(200mbar) 

• Voltage : 110V/220V/230V/240V 

• Motor power (w) : 160W 

• Inlet (mm) : Ø 6 

• Outlet (mm) : Inner Silencer 

• Temperature of working environment ( ℃ ) : 7 - 40 

• Function : Vacuum 

• Pumphead : 1 

• Temp of the body ( ℃ ) : <55 

• Dimensions ( LXBXH ) (mm) : 350*210*340 

• Noiselevel ( D B ) : <60 

• Weight ( kg ) : 7.5 

• Diaphragm : NBR


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