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BJ-III Disintegration Tester $424.00/Unit

Disintegration time limit tester is a drug test instrument to test the disintegration time limit of tablets, capsules and pills in accordance with Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Technical indexes:

△ Temperature prefabrication range: room temperature:~50℃, display resolution:0.1℃.

△  Temperature control accuracy: ±0.3℃

△  Timing prefabrication range: 1min~999min

△  Time control accuracy: ±0.5min

△  Work noise: <60db

△  Number of lifting baskets: 3 sets

△  Lifting frequency of basket: (30~32) times/min.

△  Lifting distance of basket: (55±1) mm

△  Minimum spacing from screen to beaker bottom: 25mm±2mm

△  Mesh size: standard configuration 2mm, (optional for 0.425mm and 1mm bore diameters)
△  Power supply:220V50Hz

△  Total power:600W

△  Overall dimensions:L*W*H  540mm*320mm*440mm

Main features:

◎ Three-basket working position system measures disintegration time limit.

◎  3 sets of baskets, which can realize 3-way independent operation to be controlled independently.

◎ Electronic temperature sensor can display and monitor various points in water bath case and the temperature in the beaker. High-precision digital electronic sensor is adopted to ensure the high precision and high accuracy of water bath temperature without the need for calibration.

◎ The instrument controls the bath temperature at 37.0℃ automatically (prescribed by Pharmacopeia). It can also reset the preset temperature again at any time.

◎  The instrument sets the lifting time of baskets to be 15min automatically, which can also be reset at any time.

◎  It adopts the computer control technology which is centered on SCM to control two performance parameters including bath temperature and working time intelligently.

◎  The instrument can monitor bath temperature, give over-temperature alarm and protect itself automatically.


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