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1700℃ Muffle Furnace

High temperature sintering muffle furnace used for Universities, research institutes , industrial and mining enterprises to do 
the powder synthesis dec.

Features of High temperature sintering muffle furnace:

(1). Operation Temperature: 1600℃ ( 1700℃ for short time).
(2). Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by surrounding the chamber with thermal-efficient alumina fiber ceramic insulation.
(3). Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan. Lower teperature in outside case.
(4). PID automatic control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor, e.g. SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier).            
(5). Power control with 30 segments programmable.

We have a wide range of different optional function furnace to meet different heating requirement, also we accept customer design furnace R&D working, please email us your specific requirement, we will recommend most reasonable choice for you, thanks!

Technical parameters of High temperature sintering muffle furnace :

ModelPT-1700M Sintering furnace
Chamber modelSide Door
Limiting temperature1700℃
Working temperature≤1650℃
Heating rateSuggestion 0~20℃/min
Temperature accuracy±1℃  
Inside chamber size200×200×300(mm)
Heating elementMolybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2)
Thermal coupleB Type
Temperature controlPID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating curves30 steps programmable
Chamber materialAlumina Fiber
Rated power4KW
Working voltageAC 110-480V 50-60Hz
(or according to your requirement)
Warranty12 month (exclusive wearing part)


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